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There are many reasons why people choose to take a private charter. Whilst the actual flight time will be similar to a commercial airliner, you will often save lengthy times checking-in, going through security and queueing to board the aircraft. You also have total freedom in the choice of departure and destination airports, plus of course if you are running late, the aircraft will wait for you.

Add to that complete privacy, the ability to pre-select your meal options and when you want them and you can start to see the significant benefits. Whilst a private charter will cost more than a scheduled flight, with airlines charging quite strong prices on some business routes, the price for six passengers travelling for a same-day meeting then returning in reality may not be a lot more. Then factor in the flexibility, time saved and ability to work or rest while you travel and for many it is a better use of both time and money.

  • Our aircraft seat between 8 and 9 passengers
  • In-flight catering and drinks are provided
  • Our aircraft have satellite phones and AC laptop power
  • You will cruise at up to 45,000 feet (above most weather)
  • Speed to your destination at up to 500mph
  • On-board mini-bar and WC
  • In-house VIP helicopter transfer service

Arena also offers a flight guarantee. We will supply an alternative aircraft if the aircraft you are scheduled to travel on becomes unavailable. This is not something every operator offers, but is all part of our exceptional service.

Flying privately also opens up a whole new world of general aviation (GA) airports, allowing you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the major airports. Even if you need to fly via a major airport you will often be allowed to use specialist VIP facilities, away from the main terminal.

Our home airport is London Biggin Hill, where you can park about 2 minutes walk from the aircraft, or simply arrive in one of our VIP helicopters. We can also position the aircraft to a range of UK and European airports to suit your itinerary. Arena is unique in the UK in operating jet aircraft and helicopters.

Be warned though, once you have flown privately you may find it hard to use scheduled flights again!

Call us for a quote for your next trip on: +44 (0)20 3637 2000
PDF Guide (6MB): Departing from Arena Jet; Departing from Rizon Handling.