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Our Charter Fleet

Arena is unique in owning and operating a fleet of 10 jets and helicopters. Our Challenger 600 offers intercontinetal range, while our XLS are popular on European routes. The AS355 helicopter fleet with their spacious open-plan cabins include the new NP variant.

G-XRTV Bombardier Challenger (Fuselage 21.0m 68ft 5in)

G-XLTV - Citation XLS (Fuselage 16.0m 52ft 6in)

G-XSTV - Citation XLS (Fuselage 16.0m 52ft 6in)

AW109E Power (Fuselage 11.5m 37ft 7in)

Airbus AS355-NP IFR (Fuselage 10.9m 36ft)