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Founded in 1989 Arena is a £26m a year business. We have owned and operated turbine aircraft for 18 years making us one of the longer running companies in the sector. We uniquely hold two CAA Commercial Air Transport AOC licences for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. We are on the 'approved list' of numerous large corporations. Charter sales Tel: 020 3637 2000

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Your schedule, your route, your time.

Welcome to executive air charter from Arena Jet

Relax, you are in experienced hands: With over 16 years of public transport operation, we are uniquely placed as both a business jet and helicopter operator. You can get an instant online quote right now, without having to give us any personal details. Our flight guarantee also means you will never get stranded if the planned aircraft for your trip becomes unavailable.

True business class travel: The Citation XLS is what most people expect to find in a business jet. It is wider, faster and has better range than many other aircraft in its class (compare). Our clients find they can fly the XLS for the same price they would pay many other operators for the smaller Mustang, CJ or Lear 45. Over the years we have flown countless household names including Hollywood actors, F1 drivers, footballers, television presenters and musicians. We treat each client the same, making everyone feel welcome and special.

The best part: We are DEFRA approved for carrying pets, so there's no need to leave your best friend at home while you are travelling. Our partners SkyPets at Biggin Hill Airport ensure the whole process remains easy and stress free.

Fast, efficient & comfortable.
Challenger 600 - for long haul
XLS - ideal around Europe

We believe our unique approach allows us to offer a safe, friendly and bespoke service, for your executive charter needs. Given the current financial climate we keep your costs under control. Although based near London our aircraft are also available for flights between other European cities.