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There are many reasons why people choose to take a private charter. Whilst the actual flight time will be similar to a commercial airliner, you will often save lengthy times checking-in, going through security and queuing to board the aircraft. You also have total freedom in the choice of departure and destination airports, plus of course if you are running late, the aircraft will wait for you. Add to that complete privacy, the ability to pre-select your meal options and when you want them and you can start to see the significant benefits.

Whilst a private charter will cost more than a scheduled flight, with airlines charging quite strong prices on some business routes, the price for six passengers travelling for a same-day meeting then returning in reality may not be a lot more. Then factor in the flexibility, time saved and ability to work or rest while you travel and for many it is a better use of both time and money.

Sit back, relax and let us whisk you away from it all.


Our Citation XLS aircraft seat up to 8 passengers and our Embraer Legacy up to 12 passengers.


Your choice of hot or cold food from the in-flight menu plus a selection of drinks from the wine list.

Stay connected

We offer a choice of satellite phones, high-speed internet and AC power on some of our aircraft.


Fly higher than many passenger jets for more direct routing at speeds of over 500 mph.

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Our aircraft have on-board private bathrooms where you can freshen up during the flight.


The aircraft is your private space whether it be to talk, eat, work or relax. Make yourself at home.

Stay refreshed

We offer hot and cold drinks during the flight, plus you can pre-order your favorite tipple for the flight.

Business Lounges

Beat traditional airport queues and enjoy our luxury network of private business lounges.

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